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I want to get into UK diving....

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Hi, I’ve been diving every year on holiday since I was 14 (now 21)! I’ve done all my diving and training at the same dive centre in Cyprus. I got all my own kit (apart from tank & weights) when i was 18 and did my DM course...

Now... I want to start to dive in the UK as I’m fed up of waiting 12months for my next dive! Obviously now would be about a good time in terms of the weather to start, but I cant really im busy up until October (including a week in the red sea)!

so the weather is going to start to turn around then I’d guess. Now, I want to give it a go but I’ve only got a semi-dry suit (oceanic shadow titanium) so this probably won’t be warm enough. I don’t want to get put off by freezing my ***** off! Equally I don’t want to splash out on a dry suit if it isn’t for me (I’m almost sure it will be though).

What you guys recommend?
Freeze for the first few dives to see if it’s for me.
Buy a second hand suit - might be hard as I’m not average sized - 6'3", quite big build
Buy a new suit and hope I like UK diving.

If you think it’s worth getting a suit (new or second hand) what should i be looking for? I have very little knowledge about these things.

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It's 12 degrees at the moment so should be up to 13 or 14 in a few weeks.

You can reduce wind chill on the boat by wearing a waterproof jacket and a hat between dives.
Depending where you are in London I can put you in touch with a recomended dive school, who rent out dry suits and will take you on a nice "easy" first UK dive.
that would be great, thanks. Im based in SW11 (battersea) area.
Have you tried Diving leisure London , Battersea?. Close to you and may be able to help.
yeah, got my regs serviced there and have just done my Nitrox course there. Ill prob end up going there but its good to know what else is around.
that would be great, thanks. Im based in SW11 (battersea) area.
You have PM
Another thing to take into account is that conditions in the UK are so variable... if you do a couple of dives and the vis is pap don't let that put you off... try and keep at it until you have a good day and you'll be sold..
I learned to dive in the UK last year & all I have is the Oceanic semi-dry, same as yours. I dive from May through to October in it and although I must admit that I am thinking about moving to a dry suit next year just to extend my Uk season, I think the Oceanic suit is fab !!

This year I've got a 2mm neoprene vest as well just for an extra layer till the sea warms up a bit. Agree that the worst bit is seeing the dry suit chaps get changed so quick post-dive while I struggle to get dry while its blowing a hoolie !

Mind you, although I'm in Dorset , I'm originally from up north so of course I'm made of hard stuff ;-)
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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