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I know this is a bit late, but thought it was worth a note.

Went ice diving in Norway this February. We dived Bunnesfjord in the Nesset area, about 20minutes drive from Oslo. The trip was arranged with Hydra Dive in Oslo and I would certainly dive with them again. We completed a PADI Ice Diver Speciality course which covered all aspects of ice diving from site selection to hole cutting (chain saws were the order of the day as the ice was approx 12 - 18 inches deep.

For those who have thought about it but never been - it's COLD. Water temp was minus 2 at it's coldest. Dives were limited in depth to about 15m so as to cut down on the number of free flows. No fish life as they go deeper where the temp evens out around 4 degrees. All dives were on one of two wrecks within range of the hole. One, a 30m trawler, was covered with cold water corals and was crying out for some penetration, but our Norwegian guide was adamant that we did not enter (I can see his point as this would require taking of the lifeline and tying off on the wreck).

It wasn't at all like those glossy photos with crystal clear waters and never ending viz, it was dark with thermoclines caused by fresh water flows from rivers also bringing viz to a foot or so during the descent.

On the whole, it was a worthwhile experience and I would certainly go under the ice again, next time, however, I would like more variation on the site.

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