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Improve your personal diving at TEKCamp 2011 - Mon 25th - Fri 29th July 2011

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Date to pencil in your diary folks. The first ‘TEKCamp’ will be held from Monday 25th to Friday 29th July 2011 inclusive. Join ten of the UK's top technical diving instructors for five days of solid diving, lectures, presentations and - of course - fun at Vobster Quay, Somerset UK. More details coming soon.

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Some big names already signed up for TEKCamp 2011 - Phil Short, Martin Robson, Paul Toomer, Mark Powell, Rich Walker and Richie Stevenson to name just a few. What's more, both myself and GLOC will be there on official photography duties (above and below water!) - it's gonna be *alot* of fun! :)

If anyone wants to follow developments, there's a Facebook page online now... TEKCamp 2011 | Facebook
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Sounds like a pretty good idea.
Its going to be great, the line up of instructors is fantastic, as are the suppliers that will be demoing gear.
TekCAMP? I'll bring the chaps, pink cowboy hat and Sound of Music DVD
Some good presentations already confirmed - Mark Powell will be giving another of his ever-popular talks on decompression theory and our very own Gareth Lock will be presenting on Human Factors & Safety. Rich Walker and Richie Stevenson will also be presenting on wreck diving whilst Phil Short will be scaring the living delights out of us with stories of bonkers cave diving derring doos! The bloke's a nutter, I tell you... ;)
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TekCAMP? I'll bring the chaps, pink cowboy hat and Sound of Music DVD
blimey i might even sign up now that I know you and HP are going to be there
It will be carnage!!! In an educative way.
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It looks like it'll be a great party. I would have been there but I've got to be somewhere else...

...a lot warmer.
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Looks like I'll have to make time for a little more UK wetness before I had back home to Oz...
Just a quick update - the TEKCamp 2011 website is now live!

URL: TEKCamp 2011

Registration opens next Monday at 9am sharp via the TEKCamp website :)
How much? Can't find any details on the site.
"Can I sign up for just one or two days?
We believe that in order for an attendee to get the most out of TEKCamp 2011, attendance for the full five days is a must. If you're unable to attend the full week but still wish to attend, you're welcome to attend but the full registration fee will still be charged - we regret that we are unable to offer discounted registration."

It looks like a great idea but 5 days is a big commitment. It's a shame it couldn't be broken down a bit for those only able to commit a couple of days.
I am sure you can sign up for single days.
Why not contact Vobster direct.
I will ask them to post here with some more info.
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Just to clarify - it's £300 for the five days
During that time - you'll get to work with all ten Instructors and should be able to try your hand at every workshop
The preference is for people who will do all five days and Tekcamp will be sold on this basis to start off with.
Places are limited to 80 only - I imagine it will sell out pretty quickly for people wanting to do all five days
There will be CCR try dives, scooter workshops and tons of sexy stuff that you'd never normally get to try
Plus a great social every evening, some brilliant lectures, BBQ's etc
I'm sharing a room at the B&B with Toomer - we're just in negotiations at the moment
Never argue with a big South African :D
Fair play to Martin for thinking big on this one - it's gonna be superb :)
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I'm sharing a room at the B&B with Toomer - we're just in those delicate "who's going to be Mummy, who's going to be Daddy" negotiations at the moment
Never argue with a big South African :D
"Do you want to be mummy or daddy?"
"Errrrrrr I'll be daddy"
"Get on your knees and suck mummy's cock"
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