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Nothing definite yet but thinking of going to Vobster Quay on the 24th January.  Anyone interested in any of the following.

1.  I am quite happy to buddy up any inexperienced divers.  

2.  Or buddy up with anyone who wants to do the tunnel or the boat.  (A drysuit is highly recommended as is the ability to fly it safely  

3. Make spare kit available for any YDers who want to have a play with different configurations.

So anyone interested in any of the above options.  (Please note option 1 and 2 do not go together!!)

What I end up doing will depend on what other people want to do and who else is available.  

Kit wise I have a set of twin manifolded 10's, one piece harness, backplate and wing available (Might have to hunt around to find some spare regs!).

Also a pony and clamp available.

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