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I'm putting this up again but with the unit back to standard (well nearly). I have been told by various people that this is what I should have done in the first place.

The unit is a Classic.

Medium harness, large lungs
3 new cells,
Dil and O2 tins
A TX50 on the DIL side and a Scubapro Inflator
Back-lit handsets
Weight pockets
In-lind shut off valve for the Dil input to the ADV
Serial number: 1F105507

I will put a new case on it, mine has been modified during a slightly druken night involving me, my partner and a marker pen.

Inspo Classic - as standard £2,650, I will leave the Autoair off and the scubapro inflator and TX50 on. The Autoair comes loose, in a small box. There is a full set of spares including an Apeks service kit and interstage pressure gauge. All packed in a glorious yellow box (AP origional).

RGB HUD complete with 4th Cell holder (the one made by Narked @ 90), Inspiration wireing loomb, and a new cell. £590. I have this set up so I can run one VR3 off the 4th Cell, and one off the HUD. The one from the HUD is off cell 1 on the Inspo. I used the Beanie adapter to avoid drilling a hole in the head. The HUD can be adapted to work on a KISS. If your interested in it for this i will give you a price without the 4th Cell holder, cable and cell.

The HUD gives readout for all three cells in realtime. In my opinion it is the best HUD on the market.

I set the unit up to go deep, redundancy and all that stuff hence the two VR3's both monitoring PPO2. My preferred option would still be to sell the unit complete which I will do for £3,100.

This unit has done me proud for a while, gone past 100M a few times. It works reliably, there is not much more you can say about it.

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