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"The original Portencross Project was undertaken by a group of young people between 14-16yrs of age from the town of Ardrossan, North Ayrshire, Scotland. All were members of the Neptune Special Branch Scottish Sub-Aqua Club. This project was intended to last 3 months! however, after the first 3 years we now understand the enormous task which we have set ourselves.

To date, we have accumulated for the first time, most of the available reports, documents, eyewitness accounts, local history archives etc. into one central resource. Our work has however, provided us with more questions than answers. For the first time all the Information I hold will be made available on this web site.

So what has been discovered in this time? Was there a vessel of the Spanish Armada wrecked off Portencross? Was the Cannon referred to by Daniel Defoe from this Spanish Capital ship? What type of vessel was recovered in 1989-90 from Ardneil bay? What remains of the Lady Margaret's Cargo within the rocks and gullies of Portencross? And finally, how did a huge gravestone find itself on the seabed, who's is it, who put it there, is anyone under it! Only Joking. "

Have a look at


Jim Caddis, the project admisistrator is lookiing for volunteers and the plan is to commence diving the site around Jan 2003

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