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I am going to try and help a friend who is having problems with his IPOD and creating playlists and getting stuff onto the IPOD?

I assume it should be pretty obvious but the manual (and book) seems to have stumped him.

I would guess that the playlists are created on the PC before transfering onto the IPOD?

Can you use Win Explorer to navigate and 'drag and drop' files onto the IPOD?

Any advice .......... gratefully received .............. thanks.

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On ITUNES you go to file and then there is an option to create a playlist. For some reason when my Itunes decided to go a bit bonkers recently, I managed to drag everything from my My Music file on the computer back into Itunes which worked fine. Bit of a faff though. Had to recreate the playlists.

There is probably a much better way of doing it though...

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make playlists in iTunes - select tracks and then right-click and choose add to playlist

move to ipod
either drag and drop them onto the ipod, although it will probably already be configured to sync them automatically by default.

you can make playlists in the ipod which get called On The Go 1, 2 etc.
do this by pressing and holding the select button on an item, then go to the next and repeat.

you can create these on-the-go playlists made up of single tracks, or choose full albums/artists, further up the menu heirarchy.

when you sync the ipod with the PC, these will be imported back to iTunes.

Windows file explorer can only see the ipod drive contents if disk mode is enabled. Anything you drag and drop to the ipod through a windows explorer/my computer window will be placed on the ipod, BUT you won't be able to access it through the ipod menu.
ONLY items sync'd using iTunes will be accessed through the ipod menu.

i.e. you can't drag and drop mp3 music tracks onto the ipod using Explorer and then select them from the ipod menu. It needs to be done using the iTunes software.
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