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ordering and getting these into the UK has been a right royal pain in the arse and if I had really known how much hassle would be involved I would never have even started the order, but with the great help of Woz they have finally arrived

I've sold most of them but have a few still available, so get in quick

a) iriver Deep Dive case for iFP-700 series, they are the new version which is rated at 300ft/90m

b) iFP-790, 256mb MP3 player, more than enough for Take That's Greatest Hits Volumes 1 & 2, which is well recommended by Woz apparently ;)

c) spares kit including spare O ring, lube, battery, etc

£75 collected or
£85 inc signed for and insured UK P&P

these do sell quickly on eBay for well over £100 IF you can find them, so if I get little interest thats where they'll end up on Monday

you'll need to buy a miniusb-usb lead to download link to your computer but these are easily available on ebay for a couple of quid


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I can upload the Greatest Hits album if you like. Or a selection of "singalongawoz" tunes.

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(saw them in concert last year and very good they were too. As you all know, I am a Gay in every way apart from the willy up the bottom bit. Even then- for a good looking bloke you never know...)

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I think I've sold out, let the dust settle and I'll see who actually sends the cash, if theres any left I'll post on this thread
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