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Is anybody up for St Abbs tomorrow (Sat 21)?

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I know Steve W will be there with his girlfriend sometime this weekend but I need to be sure of a definite buddy before I make the trip.

If you want to arrange something then my mob no is 07720 43 6879.
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I'm not sure anymore Timing, I was going to be there as you know, but I might now be going to North Wales or maybe the Lakes...  I'm spoilt for choice this weekend....

As soon as I know for definite I'll bell you mate, probably later tonight, sorry for being so vague

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I'll definately be there even though my girlfriend has mailed me this afternoon to say she's scalded her hand so not sure if the damage is sufficient to stop her diving until a bit later this afternoon/early evening.

However, contingency plans assuming you can't find another buddy - there are several possibilities:
1) I could dive with you both as a "three" - not really recommended though,
2)I could do four dives (two with each of you)not really a problem with deco as I'm not planning to go deep (17-18 is the max anyway
3) There MAY be a couple of folk there from my old club: the TO and 2 potential new Dive Leaders so posibly there could be some scope there.

My home tel no is 0191 4695317 in case you want to get incontact with me (will be out until mid evening though).
Of course if someone else post's here to confirm, then there's less faff to be done .

Whats your quals, experience etc Tim? Where you travellng from ?
Steve W
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Hi Steve,

wrt the quals etc: I'm PADI AOW with just under 30 dives - thus my insistence on relatively easy dives.  Most of the diving I've done has been inland mud holes - Stoney / Capernwray and some out in Turkey.

I'll be Travelling from West Yorks (near York) so its a blatt straight up the A1 - I'm guessing at just over 2 hours arriving at 9:00 ish.

If I can pair up with one other then I will definitely be up - don't really want to make a 3-some.

Hope the girlfriends hand is ok ...... but if not then maybe we can buddy-up.

Dave, if you can't make this weekend, I'm still intending to make St Abbs next weekend (with the family) so maybe see you then anyway?

Cheers and speak to you later.

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OK ,will check the forum later to see if anyone can confirm their appearance at Abbs.
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Ok guys, I can confirm that I won't be there this weekend as I'm diving inland on the Sunday and therefore won't be hitting Divesite 'X' on the Saturday.... soz!

Timing mate, I'm marking my calender now for next weekend up there with you.

You'll have no problems with ease of dives either mucka, I'd suggest for your first dive to have a little pootle around Big Green Carr to acclimatise yourself and then make absolutely sure that someone takes you to Cathedral Rock for your second dive, its a classic, don't forget to swim through and investigate the smaller arch above the great arch.

p.s. If you take some food in a bag to C.R., you'll have some very large, very friendly wrasse mobbing you and eating from your hand, just don't part with it all at once.
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Hi folks, I'm up for a trip to X tomorrow 21st. However I will keep an eye on the boards too as it's easier not to dive in a 3 and I sense a possibility that Steve W and Tim might be in a buddy situation. If not...I note that low tide will be about 9am and frankly shore diving at Abbs at low tide is a bit of a pain, so I'm not going to bust a gut to get there early. I'd say I'd probably be looking to pitch up about 10 and have 2 shore dives (definitely Cathedral as one of them, perhaps twice!
So keep posting and I'll check back. Paul
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Cheers Dave,

As well as those sites I also want to get in the Ampitheatre which is supposed to be something.

Catch you next weekend then.

Steve, it looks like its you and me then mate.

My nos above if you want to call me and sort meeting times / places.  I'm in a poor reception area tho. so might have some trouble calling me but I'll check back here later so leave a message if necessary.
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oh yes :wavey: 07815 754903
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get yourself up there timings!!!!!!

Want to here an unbiased report before next weekends trip!

Have fun and if by any chance it all goes to pot give us a shout and come to T Bay on Sunday.
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An unbiased report you cheeky git!!  :biggrin:

Do you think we're on commision from the local council or summat??..... lol!!!   Well I hope you get the conditions boys, the first time we took PaulC it was a bit dissapointing but the next time was up to the usual standards and look at him now... you can't keep him away.
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OK -  I will definately be arriving with my girlfriend who is ok to dive so if Paul C buddies with Timing we're sorted.
Re Big Green Carr then Cathedral for next dive - think that is going to be a reverse profile,  so "Caveat Emptor!" as the Romans would have said (ie at your own risk)

Re tides - yeah low is early (see below) so think I'll aim for about 10ish (with the emphasis on 'ish'). Only problem is if  the car park fills up rapidly.
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Sat 21st Sep 2002
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My rough dive plan - a pootle around big Green Carr to get used to being back in the water, check everything is in full order and to look for the Wolf-fish, then a lap of Seagull Rock after lunch and brush up on my drills.

I'll check the forum in the morning for any further postings, would be useful to know how to recognise folks (couldn't get any red carnations for my BCD!)

Really looking forward to getting back into the water!
time to chill now, See yers!
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Steve, Paul see you there at around 10 ish.

I'll be in a black Seat Leon, ND Divemaster dry suit with Single 15L and Mares BCD.

Paul I have your number so will call you when I get there.

Can't wait to see that Wolf fish!

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