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Up to 6 spaces available, the boat is the Gaelic Rose with a great skipper. https://gaelicrose.wordpress.com

Price is £500 to secure the place for the weeks accommodation, 3 meals/day, and free air fills (small charge for nitrox). Non-divers are welcome but the price remains the same.

Trips run Saturday-Friday, boarding in Mallaig at lunchtime on Saturday 4[SUP]th[/SUP] July, and disembarking on Friday 10[SUP]th[/SUP] after one early dive.

We have requested recreational/non-deco depths but given the location SAA Club diver, BSAC Sports Diver or PADI equivalent will be the minimum qualification. 2 x Cylinders is best but if you only have the one there’s an on-deck compressor.

You need standard UK diving kit including a torch; an SMB will be required for most dives. You’ll also want a sleeping bag because beyond a thin blanket, bedding in the bunk area isn’t provided.

For more details contact Lee Flaherty on 07887 658481 or [email protected].
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