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A friend of mine has one space available each day using Trojan out of Gosport. Pete runs a decent boat and one day may even fit a lift.
Diving will be relaxed Ocean diver +, Sport Diver. Ropes off 8.30ish but to be confirmed. Hertfordshire based BSAC club, PADI, TDI, SAA etc all welcome.
Possible Dive Sites:

France Aimee: Sank after a collision with HMS P 35 on 3 April 1918, a good shallow dive standing 3 metres proud.

P 12: A 613 ton patrol boat 244 ft x 23 ft, sank November 4, 1918 after a collision. A good dive standing 4 metres proud.

Camswan: The 3,426 ton Camswan sank on her maiden voyage after a collision on 19 October 1917, a good rummage for lobsters standing 4 metres proud.

Boxer: She was an early destroyer of 200 ft long with a beam of 19 ft. Sank after a collision on 6 February, 1918. Today she is a good dive with new parts to see each year as the sand shifts about.

Luis: The Luis was 4,284 tons and sank after being torpedoed in 1918. Her cargo of anti personnel shells can still be seen amongst the wreckage. The boilers stand a defiant 6 metres proud.

Selsey Coaster: An unknown first world war loss standing 5 metres from a sand and shingle sea bed.

If you want the space then contact me and I will let you have the organisers mobile number. Price is £37.50 per day, you book you pay you know the score.
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