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The Team will be visiting and diving on some of the remotest islands on earth they will journey to the tiny uninhabited atolls of Henderson, Ducie and Oeno as well as the more famous home of the Mutineers ‘Pitcairn’, diving on the remains of the famous ‘Bounty’ and other wrecks on and around the islands including many as yet unidentified.

They will conduct scientific research into the areas marine biology and geology. Survey the sea bed in the first ever search for the remains of the Polynesian temples known to have been discarded into the sea by the original mutineers, whose whereabouts have only recently (1998) been discovered. They will collate Hydrographic information updating charts on behalf of the National Hydrographic Office. Additionally they will provide community support to the island population themselves direct descendents of those famous mutineers. Diving back into history, quite simply they will be taking part in………………….

This starts in three days and has a live webcam on the site.

Bounty Bay

Some interesting bits..... but in-water recompression? Bren might like it though as it's backed by the "Tally-ho" brigade ;)
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