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After several weeks of debating with my other half on where to hoiday next year sun for her diving for me we booked the seychelles for may 2003. Yesterday kuoni sent me a letter stating that all watersports including diving had been transfered to a sister hotel 30 mins away by free shuttle neadless to say Im not a happy bunny at this prospect so I contacted kuoni to see what i can do about this.
Kuoni point out that this is  the hotel not them that has transfered watersports now here is the rub If I cancel it will cost me my deposit £250.00 each but I can do a free transfer to any other holiday that kuoni do.
So we both fancy to top notch sandels or beaches break on a super AI basis on Jamaica. So has any one been? or has any one any info on Jamaica diving.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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