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I am selling my booster and all its bits and bobs.

Its a Jetsam baby booster, complete with 2 whips 1 longer than the other about 1.5m v 1m both are din on each end with a gauge and purge on each whip, all o2 clean,can be used as decant whips when not boosting. The unit has been recently serviced, it comes with a whip for the drive reg and all in a peli type case with a comprehnsive instruction book.

I am looking for £850 ono carriage or delivery /collection can be sorted.
I will post pics when I get the camera sorted later on.

Unit works well, I just have my eye on something for a project, so it has to go...

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paging kit-tart Bailey ...
Paging The man who has to pay for a wedding and honeymoon in the next few weeks.
No way I could sneak an £800 hole in my bank account past Lou.
I want it but it's just come up at the wrong time.
Plus I have all the dive kit I could ever need
apart from a couple of steel 10's that is :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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