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I was wondering if any jetstream users out there could offer me some advice on the above. I currently use a jetstream as an octopus on my twin setup and fortunately have never had to us it in an OSS so therefore it's not had much use. Over the weekend at Gildy I thought I'd use it on the second, shallower half of the dive and found that I prefered it much more than the Cyklon I use. However I seemed to use more air than normal and was advised by my buddy that Jetstreams don't work that well in shallower water due to the amount of air they push through. Bearing in mind that the shallower part of my normal boat dive would be the first 20 mts or so getting to the wreck have any users out there found that they work better at depth ( to 45 mtrs) on air consumption than they do shallower.

Would appreciate any feedback anybody could supply at all on Jetstreams.


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