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I returned from Sharm a couple of weeks ago. I had the pleasure of doing the IART MOD2 on the JJ at Wener Lau.
It was the best course I have ever attend. Not just diving related, but the best course period.
David left no stone unturned. Everything, from why our rigs had been set up, too how you would attach a SMB too your spool, was questioned. He never told us how too do things, but made us think about WHY we do things, the way we do. If you had a good reason to do it at certain way, then everything was good. But you would have to have a good explanation.
The trimix theory was great. Any questions we had, David gave a very good explanation, so even us DANES could understand it.
Diving was excellent. David ran us through the drills like a mean drill-instructor. Do it right or do it again. So we did some drills more then once ;-)
Some of the dives we did, was video evaluated, thanks to Jim Dowling. Jim captured all of the little details on video, so we learned even more. Seeing yourself on video is (unfor)-giving. You screw something up, you see it. You do something good, you get too see that as well.
Anyone who is thinking of doing a MOD2 course, do yourself a favor, go see David and Jim.
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