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Hi all,

I am looking for a last minute trip next week. I fancy somewhere a bit different where I can do a bit of diving and maybe some walking. I was initially looking at Kenya or Tanzania/Zanzibar but also looked at Eritrea in the last few hours. Does anybody have any experience of these places for comments and comparison?

Interested in:

  • Prices: Diving, hotels, food and drink
  • Quality of diving in October/November
  • Other activities - I only have ten days so I doubt there would be time to head out and do a Safari or anything too full on. Just a day or two walking in nice scenery if possible!

I'm reasonably experienced diver (1000+ dives worldwide) and always love seeing the big stuff more than the small! Sharks are a favourite! :)

I'm doing a little research anyway but I know you guys have tons of experience and I appreciate any comments!

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