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Running out of space so:

Triple SUUNTO Console £65
(New: £130) Including manual and Spare boot (£20)

SUUNTO Solution alpha Diving Computer £70
Air Diving Computer. Entry Level Computer.
They do not sell them any more so the price is what they currently go for in eBay.
Manual, Case and spare battery included. (Bought it but did not replaced it)

[SUUNTO Docking Station £20
(New: £35) for SUUNTO Solution et al. In original box, Serial to USB Cable comes for free.
Software CD included but I would suggest to download the latest SUUNTO from the web (looks better!!!)

3Lt Pony Cylinder £70
(New £110) Steel, O2 Clean, in Service (Nov 2010), 50% Fill (will need proof of qualification or will drain before delivery). Includes Mounting kit (£30) and pouch (£11), if you want it

Buddy Commando (XL) £250
(New: £350) Including: Integrated Weights (£22), emergency cylinder (£40 - A-Clamp), inflation hose, mesh bag, one extra Left weight pocket and the manual.

Lifting bands for 15lt cylinder £3
(New: £7)

Buddy Twinset Bands £20
(New: £45)

IST writing slate (flip) £5
(New: £11)

Writing Slate (single) £3
(New: £7)

Oceanic Reg Bag £7
(New: £15)

Dry Suit Braces £5
(New: £15)

Set of hose clips £1
(New: £2-3 per piece)

Cylinder Net £5
(New: £10)

Octopus Magnetic Clip £9
(New: £18)

Oceanic Regulator £80
SP5 first stage with Alpha octopus
(New: £160) A-clamp. Just serviced.
Bought it thinking that I could use it as a stage reg.
2 months later still waiting the conversion to DIN so it goes.

Coloured Plastic Hose Wrap for Hose Identification Free
(New: £3) If anyone wants them...

More photos (limited to 10 here) under:
Picasa Web Albums - Dimitris - Kit for Sale

I live in London (SW) and some can be posted. Haven't got a clue how much postage will be.
Will check according to interest.
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