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<font color='#0000FF'>Say Gav, I think the rest of the guys should see the digi photo of you molesting poor little Zoltan  

Just a little addendum from me, indeed a great time was had by all, kudos to tim for his first ever Wing/twinset dive being done with drills and a side-slung stage tank!
But on Sunday morning I could feel something mucous-sounding in my eustachian tube when I moved my jaw, on the dives this became a familiar intense tooth-squeeze pain. afterwards it turned into the worst diving related headache ever, which made the drive home severly unpleasant. I'm deducing that this is all due to the trigeminal nerve which links the whole side of your face in one network, hence an ear problem can manifest in your eye or jaw -not nice at all

Still, beats being a couch spud

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