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hi yders, im booked in to have eyes zapped at end of this month with optical express in manchester. are there any more comments as to how good/safe this is nowadays, would probobly be lasec with wavefront. wavefront is where the computer scans your eye and supposedly fixes whats wrong with each individuals eye, also so the bumf sais is 25x more accurate. they say its about 98-99% success rate. i cant really decide even if im going to have it done untill i speak to the surgeon on the day,cheers andy. comments.
after lazer surgery , I'm 20/20 in one eye and the other eye is buggered. I have had 3 ops on it, (lazik, flap lift and lazek) , it is currently 20/50. with lenses it can get down to 20/40 . You do not want this, it means even with glasses you can not see. Oh an as well as the lact of acuity there are high order aberations which give ghost images/ star bursts etc.

I'd say it was a bit like going into hospital to have you legs lengthened and them having to amputate one.

Good luck


ps first op was lazik with wave front and ended up with wrinkles on the cornea. I think lazek is lower risk.
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