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We have 2 cancellation spaces for our trip to Scapa Flow 18th June to 25th and are now looking for offers in excess of £350 to re-fill the spaces.

The trip is well planned out, tried and tested over the last 18 years.

Please contact Alan urgently if your interested in the bargain of a life time trip.

Details of the trip :
The Plan for Scapa Flow 2011
The Dive Charter
SUNRISE is chartered from 18 June to 25 June on a live aboard and self catering basis. We may travel out from Scapa for a few days to visit the Northern Islands weather permitting.
Air is supplied free on board. SUNRISE has its own compressor and charging panel. Cylinder filling is performed by the crew.  After each dive you disconnect the first stage from any cylinder you need filled.  Each Jacket / cylinder set can stay assembled all week and each diver will be given a name tag so that gas charges are easily recorded.
NITROX is charged at a minimum per cylinder / per litre depending on the percentage and cylinder size. Cost defined nearer the time.
There will be 2 dives a day and possibly a snorkel session if we are near seals. ( Barrel of Butter island)  We are constrained by the tides when diving the block ships and the wrecks out around the islands, however tidal issues are not normally an issue in Scapa Flow.  This week was chosen because it gave as much time as possible nearer to neap tides rather than spring tides.
The minibus will leave Streatham at 0830 on Friday 17 June
The minibus will travel north on the M40 / M6 and we will pick up additional expedition members on the way.
The minibus will arrive at Hamilton at approx 1830 on Friday 18 June
The minibus will depart from Hamilton at 0515 on 25 June.
The minibus will load onto the ferry to Orkney at approx 1230
The minibus will be used to visit neolithic heritage sights etc post dive
The minibus will depart on the 0630 ferry from Stromness on sat 25 June and arrive back in London at approx 2300 hours.
If you decide to Fly, we can take your kit in the minibus. We can collect you at Kirkwall airfield at approx 1730 on Sat 18 June. Slight reduction in cost by approx £50.
Skill level
You need to be a BSAC Sports Diver ( or equivalent ) as a minimum and be dive fit, medically fit and a current member of BSAC or similar for 3rd party insurance purposes. You should be able to deploy your own DSMB and perform decompression stops adequately.
Sunrise has 12 x 12 Litre cylinders on board. 15Litre cylinders are available for hire.  Details of cost available later.  Most expedition members appear to use 2 x 12 Litre cylinders. I am eager to keep weight in the minibus to a minimum. An alternative air source is essential. If you will use a single cylinder bring your Pony in the minibus.  Lead weights are available on board and only special weight belts in the minibus please.
Unless you choose to fly to Kirkwall airfield, we will all be staying at the Avonbridge hotel at Hamilton, in twin non smoking rooms.
On Board we will be sleeping in twin cabins
We will set out for Kirkwall after unloading the minibus onto Sunrise. We will stock up on food for a week and then top up milk, eggs, etc etc as the week progresses.
Every morning we will have a help yourself continental type breakfast before the first dive. After the first dive we will have a cooked breakfast.  After the second dive of the day we will have a snack and have an evening meal in a pub or similar.  Just help yourself to what is there.  Tea and Coffee is on a DIY basis throughout the day, just remember to ask the skipper if he wants some as well.  We will always include the crew in the cooking every morning. We will take it is turns to cook and keep the place clean.
I have a separate Scapa Flow account and would like to pay for everything on the card or by cheque.
I need £100 as a deposit and the total payment (  £675) by 6 weeks before we set out on 18 June
Please make cheques out to Alan Glen Scapa Flow.   You are still liable for the full amount if you cannot come along unless you find some one with adequate skills, to take you place.
For 10 people,  £675 each includes: ( Everyone pays the same)
Cost of charter
Cost of fuel surcharge around Northern Isles
Minibus hire
Minibus damage deposit
Minibus ferry return
Foot passenger ferry return
Twin room accommodation at Hamilton
Food fund
Fuel fund
Not included
Holiday insurance of any kind     ( The NHS will look after you in the recompression chamber)
Cost of Nitrox                              ( Payable in cash at the end of the week)
Cost of an evening meal
Where possible all left over cash will be distributed at the end of the holiday once all the debits have come out of the account.
Worth while reading
The Grand Scuttle                      by Dan van der Vat
The man who bought a navy      by Gerald Bowman
Various dive books
Check out :        www.sunrisecharters.co.uk    for details of the boat and the wrecks
Skill Development
I am a BSAC Advanced instructor and activities permitting, I may be able to witness / sign off some skills development so bring your log books.  All dives will be properly logged and recorded.
I shall have enough tools on board and also some spares and there is good back up with dive shops in Stromness for anything from dry suit zip replacement to pressure test / DV rebuilds.
I am happy to clarify any of the above. 
Alan Glen 07818 406 156
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