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I am posting this on the Diving Dud's behalf as he is being beasted on a MOD3 Course at the moment :)

We have a late space available on Le Dude Plongee Gig to France on the Wed to Fri 9-11 May (Yes, next week)

We will be traveling across from Brighton on Steve Johnston's brand new and very spacious boat Channel Diver and will dive a big liner mid channel on each of the traveling days so Wed and Fri will be the Lanfranc on one and the Warilda on the other, both big and intact liners that were sunk in WW1.

They are both in about 55m of water but stand very proud of this, last year on the Warilda i had a general depth of about 45m with a max of 48m when i crossed the Torpedo damaged area.

We will be staying in a Hotel in Fe camp Wed and Thu nights, and with sharing this will cost €50 each (About £40). On the Thu we will dive 2 local wrecks one at about 40m the other shallower.

The cost of the diving is £185

If you are interested let me know and i will get you in touch with the Dude
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