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Just been having a discussion with a friend about DCI treatment and the length of time before diving again, so I have a few questions..
This is from the London diving chamber

Divers who have had a successfully treated pain only DCI can return back to the water from 7 days after treatment has finished subject to the agreement of the treating physician, We do recommend that the original guidelines are for fit Naval divers, and we suggest that in others that they leave diving for at least 4 weeks after treatment of mild DCI.

Divers who have had mild tingling or numbness, fully treated on a Table 62 should wait for at least 4 weeks after recompression. This is the time, though, for Sport divers, professionals could dive again after 14 days.

If there has been incomplete recovery after initial recompression, or the DCI was more serious there should be a minimum period of 4 weeks off for fit professionals and 6 weeks for Sport divers. Return to diving should again be subject to the advice of and agreement with the treating physician who will be able to explain the long-term risks

For those treated on Table 62 why is it a 4 week minimum before diving again? If you can dive 7 days after a pain only DCI then why is it 4 weeks for a table 62? I'm assuming it's to allow time for any tissue damage to repair itself, as the damaged tissues might increase risk of DCI? Would diving 2 or 3 days earlier than the 4 week minimum make any difference? (Not suggesting that you should)

Lets say you have a bend, and want to dive after 25 days - if the dive chamber staff say it's ok to dive at this time, would you have any issues with insurance if you dived after 25 days and got bent again?? Because you haven't waited the minimum 28 days?

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Hi Jo,

I can only speak of my experience being told 6 weeks or 4 if I passed a medical review at the chamber.

For insurance etc I was given a ''to whom it may concern letter'' by the duty Doctor, I imagine it would be a get out clause for the insurers if you went against medical advice.

Safe diving,

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UHMS Symposium

The Return to Active Diving After Decompression Sickness or Arterial Gas Embolism.
Davis JC (ed). Proceedings of a Symposium held 28 May 1980. UHMS Publication Number 41(CW)11-13-80. Bethesda: Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society; 1980; 42 pages.
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