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A while ago (on a certain rebreather thread) I posted a comment about life insurance - anyway, it 's too long ago to resurface it, so I thought I'd post up again for anyone who read the original and thought I was right.

The gist was that the risk was undertaken at the time of taking out the policy , so if you increased your depth, took up cave diving, became Evel Kenievel (sp!) - it wouldn't affect your premium/payout.

According to the FA who did our life insurance, the only thing I had to notify the company of in the future was a future change in job.

I thought this may have been too good to be true, so I checked the small print and after a staggeringly interesting read - I can confirm that about the only things you DON'T have to notify them of is if you dye your hair or shave your nuts.

So if you've got any major changes since you took your policy out - it might be prudent to check your small print.

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