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By the time we arrived at the site it was a beautiful winters day, bloody freezing but bright sunshine and water flat calm with a thick layer of frost on the shore. It was just past high tide so the vis was a decent 5-8 meters. Switched on computer and it read an air temperature of about  -1 degree. Got kited up and headed for the water. Surface water temp was about 2 degrees but warmed up to about 10 degrees at Max depth (21.8m). Plenty of life (Squat Lobsters, Edible Crabs, a couple of huge Starfish, Lovely bright purple Sea Urchins and lots of Prawns (I think, not exactly "up" on these things). On surfacing were met by about 15 - 20 faces (Edinburgh club up for a training dive (Hello to anyone who was there)) After a not too cold SI, changed cylinders and did a second dive. This time not so much life (a few Scallops) and vis had deteriorated a bit.

Excellent days diving on a site I had never done before. Would definatly recommend it.

One or two photo's taken above water so if your interested e-mail me and I'll pass them on.

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