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What: Dry dive in the London hyperberic chamber (down to 40m)
When: 12 March 2010 (start time to be confirmed)
Why: Find out how narked you get in a safe environment.
Where: http://www.londonhyperbaric.com/contact-us/london-chamber
London Hyperberic Chamber
Whipps Cross University Hospital
London E11 1RG

Prerequisite certification: PADI Open water Diver (or equivalent certification with another organisation).
Minimum age requirement: 16 years of age
You must not have dive 24 hours prior to the dry dive.

What to bring:
Proof of Qualification.
Divers Logbook.
Computers/Depth gauges may be taken on the chamber dive in a bucket of water.

Dry dive: £40
PADI Recompression Chamber Awareness Distinctive Specialty certification: £20 (this is optional)

More info:

Legal stuff:
You will need to download this zip file which contains some documents. Please print, read, sign and bring them on the day. (Don't count on me to bring spares...)
To help you fill out some of the forms this is the info you need:
Instructor: WAYNE FORD
If the link is broken PM me with your email and I'll send you the forms.

To secure a spot please PM me with your name. I will reply with my bank account details. The full £40 will be required to secure your spot.

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no, but i wonder why someone would just like a ride in a chamber? and pay for it?
i can imagine people would like to look round, as i would. but a dry dive? unless there are very pretty nurses, can't see the attraction myself.

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I'm tempted, as I'm moving ever closer to 45 and 50m, and its a nice safe way to see how narked you get at those depths on air.

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It's the sort of thing that would be a good outing for a club during the winter months, a social gathering and a laugh sort of thing.

I suppose if it's your first outing to those sorts of depths, it's better to get into problems in a hyperbaric chamber than hours away from it, in the deep blue.

Also would highlight narcotic effects of the depths in a safe managable environment... unfortunetly I'm at the other end of the country!

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Organised one with our club last year, definately worth doing and remember the staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have also, can be very informative. I would probably go for the 50m dive though and have a look at the difference in depths/reactions. (if you are paying £40 it will be the 50m dive, as 40m is only £30)

You will most certainly have a giggle in there!

Oh and my buddy telling me he would never dive with me again at about 28m nearly made me wet myself ;)
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