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Hi All,
need the help of the YD IT experts for a Lotus Notes problem.

We run Notes 7.0.1 (which is no longer supported by IBM) but which has been very stable for us for years.

In the past couple of days the the Lotus Domino server is constantly crashing, typically 5-10 miutes after restart generating the error message

Stack Base = 0x0012F1E8 Stack size 10276
Invalid Pool Free Chain

We have been unable to tie in this to any software / hardware changes.

One of the users said that he tried to open a winmail.dat attachement (which has compatability issues with Notes 7.0.1) shortly before the crashed began. However, this attachement has been deleted from all mail files and replicated through the server but the problem with the Domino server crash is stll occuring so is probably a red herring.

Would appreciate any tips, pointers or help. Before anyone says it - ditching Notes not an option at the moment

TIA, John
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