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sorry...which way did you say was up again?
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hi all
back off hols with non diving family so Caz and i only had one day to go diving...
there we were sat in hotel lounge sipping coffee and in front of a pc getting all the info off the web site of local dive operator , so a phone call later and we are booked in for friday afternoon which couldnt come round quick enough for me, any way it did come round and off we went to scuba mallorca in pollenca.
there we met Barry our dive guide (ace bloke) and after sorting kit out it was a short walk to the boat "Miss Connie" and her skipper Seb.
we were warned the sea was a bit choppy and only a few sites were available to us which wasnt a problem to me atleast we could still get a dive in and as we apraoched our first site the pinnacle we are asked to kit up ready while barry talks us threw our first dive not that easy a bit choppy meant a swell of 4-6 foot now remember this is my first sea dive and he wants me to stand up walk to back of the boat and jump in, is he mad??? i cant even get out my seat and caz has turned green ... "ohh no your not are you?" she tries to nod but ends up leant over the side a few moments later shes saying you go i cant i just feel to bad ,youll feel better once your in im pleading but shes dug her self in and not moving from the side of the boat.
so now wot do i do ? i want to stay look after caz but its my first sea dive eva and its in the med , she reasures me she will be fine and to go with out her.
every one meet my new buddy barry!!!
so the plan is to drop down in pairs and wait for barry to show the way and all the bits of intrest or if you want in pairs follow the site plan to the finish point
i go down with pair of lads thats done it all before seems they are regulars once at the sea sea bed (around 16mtr) i wait while the two lads go off exploring the area , barry still on surface sorting two junior advanced divers wieghting out
so im looking at two divers fade into the haze (the viz was 30mtr) one way two follwing them and barry still up on top and im an air pig at the best of times now im sat there swaying to and fro in the current wondering if i should go back up or wot? barry should have sorted it by now shouldnt he? is there a problem?
no no no sit there and wait if something had of happened i would be informed but my breathing is a little on heavy side and by the time barry does turn up im at 150 bar and we are meant to let buddys know when we reach 100bar great and ive only just got started now im trying my hardest to slow my breathing down which seemed to be working untill the two juniors decide to join barry it was like watching a scene from pearl harbour as the two fighter planes flew round barry as he was getting a right beating from their fins and i copped it aswell but poor old barry got the worse and i could hardly control my bouyancy through laughing which took me straight down to 100 bar i had to let barry know but how the kids were like a swarm around him and i didnt want to pay the price of another high prescription mask then i saw a gap in in the kids formation and went for it tapped barry on shoulder signalled 100 bar his reply ok go up to 10 mtr so i use less air , i signal ok and head up .
at 10mtr theres a lot more fish to be seen and im thinking its ok looking for octopuses down there but wow look at this 100s of fish and they are not bothered about me being there wiv them in fact one nosey fish seemed to be shaddowing me about 3mtr out if i went up over a rock it copied this went on until i looked down the cliff to see rest of divers and how they getting on i had been finning directly above them well a little closer to wall to avoid their bubbles guess wot no bubbles coming up , i had been that engrosed playing wiv the fish i lost my group ohh sh1t emergency procedure no.1 first stop see were you are look for buddys for 1 min ok . that done and no sign of any one, had i been that slow at finning had they left me behind , a quick look at my gauges was in order 70 bar and im at 9mtr so relativley speaking im ok got plenty of air and time to go up so i drift up to 5mtr water had a bit more movment up here and i was holding between 6-4mtrs easy know just got to wait 5 mins looking back all i had to do was count to 60 five times but no i did it the hard way (guesstamation) and then add a bit more time just to be safe thought so i sat there and sat there and sat there some more now im at 50bar and thinking why is it that when you just sit motionless and bored your air lasts for eva but soon as i so much as move a leg my air goes down like a fuel gauge (answer im over weight and not as fit as i used to be but thats gonna change i can tell you). so 45bar and ive had enough im going up i hit the surface back to reality i think to myself theres the boat the swell still pretty bad so i wave my arm just to make sure they see me and im second on board seems playing wiv the fish made me shoot in front and the other guy think he lost his bouyancy and popped up back on board i want to tell caz all about my adventure but shes still talking to the sea poor lass.

got new buddy the older brother of the two kids hmmm hope he not gonna buzz round like his two siblings. infact he was a great buddy allways in sight at same depths and keen pussey hunter i mean octopus not the other this is not that kinda of report lol.
so after cakes we set off to pedros wall
this is a shallow dive with my max depth 9mtr you could get deeper in the middle of the gully but there was nothin down there all the action was on the sides higher up lots of nooks and crannys to explore which i did my fair share but my buddy never left one hole not looked in he was on a mission to see an octopus been as none were found on previous dive it was like watching a ferret searching a rabbit warren as he went from hole to hole and back just in case he disturbed something and of course there was i was mezmorised by a brilliant green and blue wrasse which was playing a type of hide and seek wiv me (simple things and simple minds ehh) then i would catch sight of another and before i knew it i get tapped on shoulder "wots your air my buddy wants to know i look down and im at 90bar gone past by 10bar but we are both ok hes got 110bar so i point up finn wiv my fingers then hold 6 fingers up he shakes his head holds 7 up so i go ok but think i should of gone 6.5 (stupid how you gonna do that wiv fingers) glad i just said ok
i lead he follows lots more to see and i know we gettin close to end of dive i turn round to see wot hes up to and guess wot yes again im on my own not again i think then his head pops from round a rock hes pointing down to the other divers
and waving his fingers ,,, a cuttle fish i gotta see this 70bar left im ok so i go i get there and all i can see is a bloody rock wot the eck is the fuss about a rock the diver points at at all i see is a rock he start to scratch it and im that confused is he really tickeling a rock ??? that it im out of there and barry is beconing us all to look at another bloody rock wot is it wiv these people and rocks all of a sudden give me a fish to look at any time better than rocks but this time i see it see looking back at me is the most beautiful stone fish in a rather fetching red stripey camoflouge arrangement high lite of the dive for me that now im 50 bar wiv all the excitment of looking at rocks and barry is signaling time up and now time to do our 5mtr deco stop (turns out the guy tickling the rock was trying to get the attension of the stone coloured octopus sat in a crevise in the rock)

hope you enjoy reading

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