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Last month I did some diving in Malta and thought the info. might be of interest to some of you. It was a great experience and I'll diffenetly go back again (soon hopefully). I was told it was one of the best places to dive in the Med and I wasn't disappointed.

Some of the highlights were caves, swim throughs and wreck diving on a world war destroyer and a supply barge in the harbour at Valetta. In terms of marine life I saw scorpion fish, parrot fish, octopus, a shoal of Jacks, cuttlefish, cardinal fish, grouper, lots of varities of really colourful wrasse and all the other usual mediteranian inhabitants. There was usually plenty to see on every dive and I'm just PADI OW so that's just staying above 20m.

Most of the diving is done from the Shore which means a bit of driving around to find the best site (depending on weather conditions). The water was a little chilly as it was May but diving in a 5mm full suit with a 3mm shortie on top kept me warm (even on one dive lasting an hour). You need to be fairly fit as there's often a little bit of a walk (in your gear) to get to the water's edge. I'd recommend hard sole boots as some of the rocks can be a bit sharp, a pair of gloves can also be useful for the more difficult exits. Fortunately it's well worth the effort once your in.

Boat dives are available but mainly for the islands of Gozo and Comino.

I've got more information on dive sites, etc if anyones looking at getting over there. I was diving with Subway Scuba www.subwayscuba.com who have a number of shops around the island. The staff were really friendly, helpful and the rental equipment and facilities were great. Prices are very competitive too, I'd be happy to use them again.

Hope this information is useful
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