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Well, with a title like that ... I am bound to attract the right type of experimental buddy... OK, here's the plan:

I plan to try various trim weights using either old faithful 100g undersuit, new michelin-man 400g, different weight placements, etc. in order to attain poifect horizontal trim Nirvana. WARNING:  that will involve trying 100g, kitting off, trying 400g etc. so unless you'll be doing the same you are either very keen, very masochistic or vewy nice indeedy and I'll have to buy you a bacon sarnie or two!! I also plan to practice shutdown drills on the twinset and long hose deployment + OOA drills, so it would be nice if you are similarly equipped. If you absolutely insist we could go for a "dive" for recompense (yuk, I'm a salt water frog you see)...but hopefully, like me, you'll just be planning to play with your kit (ermhmmr) and will enjoy looking like a right twat wearing a twinset in 3 meters of water.

That would be an IDEAL opportunity for anybody who's recently acquired new undersuit/drysuit/kit requiring a bit of fine tuning.. and BTW the S&M does NOT extend beyond Wraysbury lake ... I'm a happily married dad!

And finally, if you can't do Sunday 30/11, I could do Sunday 7/12


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