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My recent holiday abroad took place in Mauritius my hubby and i spent two weeks there.Thanks are due to a Yd member, Tas who i contacted through this site to gain info about diving over there.
Our first impressions of the island were one of a tropical paradise very scenic with beutifull blue green water that looked very clear.
We contacted tas to arrange some diving with the group he is a member of namley ,MUG  (Mauritius underwater group) and arranged to be picked up from our hotel on the Tuesday night to be taken to his club more on this later.
My first dive was with the hotel a dive center called easy dive the first dive was on a twin wreck called Tiger lilly and Emily they lie very close to each other in around 25 mtrs of water.This was my first dive since a DCI incident the week before that had left my buddy bent so i was really nervous as the incident had happened on a wreck at a similar depth. Fortunatley it was just the instructer and myself so after kitting up i procceded to do a buddy check....Instructer after me doing mine response was Yep my ones the same not a good start so a little word in his ear was required if you get my drift. The dive itself was Ok I got a little tense thinking about the incident a week before and had to really push myself through the mental barrier i had.
The next dive was again with the school a good buddy check this time and a nice dive 15 mts max on a coral garden. The coral was in fair condition with a nice varied fish life although i got the feelling it was a touch over dived.
Next evening Tas Picked my Hubby and myself up and after meeting his wife we carried on up to the mug meeting hall via a supermarket as there was a barbi happening.The hall is a national monument it just crys out history we loved it lots of mometos on the wall with a terrific bunch of people inside we were made most welcome... beer was 25 rupees a pint..Oh and i arranged to dive with them come the weekend.After a superb night we returned to our hotel with me looking forward to diving within a group that dives for pleasure not profit.
On the Saturday a mug member picked me up he has a taxi and charged me non hotel ,non tourist prices a good result from the start.Our first dive was on a site called bubble coral it was magical .Denis the taxi man was my buddy he has a really good eye spotted leaf fish and stone fish that i would have swam past 20 times before seeing.There was 12 mug members on the dive in an old fishermans boat with a 25 hp engine on,this means it aint quick but gave the group time to talk and joke before diving..in my opinoin an important part of our day out.Tas and his wife who also dives then took me for a meal in a local restaraunt before our second dive on a site called rampan serpant hope thats how its spelt.A great dive Morays, cleaner shrimps, stone fish, and more good crack on the boat superb day out.
 Denis the offered to take me to one of the groups less well known sites did i need to be asked twice ...i think not.This dive was my last on the island we spent 70 mins at a max depth of 15 mtrs saw loads great coral both hard and soft with nudibrachs ,eagle ray , dolphins jeez i would go as far to say it would be in my top 3 of dives so far.
Morale of this thread ...
 Tas .... Great meeting a fellow yder and his wife made to feel welcome both with him and his club.
Mauritius...Superb country with equaly good diving if you know where to find it.  Perhaps that should read  ask your local yd member.

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