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I received this this afternoon by PM and wanted to share it all with you:

Dear Jay and all members of YD.

I have been scrolling through news reports, pictures and forums with regard to the death of my son, Michael Miller as I am trying to compile an album. He was one of the Stevenage firefighters who died in the flats in February 2005. I just joined the forum so that I could send thanks and hugs to all who sent messages. They were wonderful and I will be printing them off to keep. The family is missing a wonderful Big Brother and Son and the last 2 years haven't been that good, but we are all healing gradually. His fiancee took his surname and we are still in touch.

Once again, I only joined to say Thanks for all your heartfelt wishes. It is so lovely to hear people appreciating my son's life and the job he loved.

All the very best to you all and Happy Diving!!!

Cyndy Harper
FF Michael Miller's mother
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