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Looking to buy my first decent dive light. So looking for suggestions.

I dive South Coast wrecks mainly - so the normal UK water conditions. Try to dive as much year round as possible.

As I am about to spend a bit of money up to (£600) I would like to know that it will last. It would be great if its
upgradable, so as money comes available as the years go on, I can get a better battery, longer cord, brighter/different bulbs - without having to fork out for all new kit.

I have read some previous posts but a lot seem a couple of years old, so wanted to make sure there are no new kids on the block!!!

A deal that I did see was a Metalsub KL1242 package at a reasonable price, but can seem to find any upgrade info. What are the difference between that one and the KL1256.

Does anyone have any other recommendations?

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