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For sale: MetalSub Pont Bracket great condition complete with tank band

The Metalsub Pony Bottle Quick Release System allows the pony cylinder can be coupled to the main cylinder with the minimum for effort but with rigid stability. Half of the coupling is permanently mounted on the pony cylinder, while the other half is secured via the cam belt of the stabilising BCD. This half can also be secured by way of two stainless steel clips. These clips have been given a protective rubber layer. By pushing in a spring-loaded locking pin with the thumb, the bottles are connected/disconnected. The bottle holder plates come with rubber strips to provide a better grip on the air cylinders. The light-weight metal has been given a seawater-proof coating.

Consists of:
2x Stainless steel jubilee clips for pony cylinder
1x Male and female coupling system

£50 + £4.50 p&p

I am having trouble uploading an image to the forum so if interested ill email you a picture

Please contact Luke Fildes on 07803 589980 or [email protected]
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