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I don't know what your usual diving routine is so this is just a general ramble that may or may not be relevant to your situation (I also may be talking bo%%ocks, but that has never stopped anyone else ;) :D :D ) ...

Most of the time there is usally more than just the two divers. If shore diving there is usually shore cover and when diving from boats there is the skipper and often, but not always, a crew member. So if there's a problem the key part a buddy can play is to get you to the surface, in which the difference in size should make no difference - it's your BCD/wing/Dry suit/ABLJ/etc giving the lift.

Once on the surface, the surface cover/boat crew can assist in hauling your arse out of the water, or (as long as you're still breathing) your buddy can keep you afloat until either any other divers surface or attract attention and again provide assistance.

As with all diving procedures the critical part is to practise all relevent skills, if the time that you need the skill is the first time you've done it then there is all the more chance that it will go all pear shaped!

Ok, ramble over - time for me to go to sleep :)
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