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Any one got anymore info,,,,,,,,


At 3.26pm this afternoon, Holyhead Coastguard were alerted by a group dive boat that they had an overdue diver that had not returned. The dive had been at the wreck of the CAMBANK on the North Anglesey coast.

Holyhead Coastguard requested attendance from the Moelfre and Holyhead lifeboats, Moelfre and Cemaes Coastguard Rescue Teams and the rescue helicopter from RAF Valley. A high speed ferry SUPER SEA CAT II has also been assisting the search. These units are now undertaking a thorough search of the sea and coastline for the missing diver. The full search will continue until sunset at around 9.40pm this evening.

It is reported that the missing male diver was diving with his brother as part of a group when they became separated and his brother raised the alarm when he returned to the dive boat.

Weather conditions at the scene are light winds with good to moderate visibility with some misty patches.

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<font color='#0000FF'>This is from the BBC - Wales website

Search for missing diver continues

Holyhead coastguards are coordinating the search
The search has resumed for a 43-year-old diver who went missing off the north coast of Anglesey on Thursday.
The man was reported missing when he lost contact with his group after failing to resurface in the area where he was diving.

Two lifeboats, coastguard teams and an RAF rescue helicopter from RAF Valley took part in the full-scale search - but it was called off on Thursday night.

Although rescuers fear for his safety, they have been told that he is well-equipped and has a good chance of survival.

Coastguards have plotted the diver's possible location through a computer.

The dive vessel, Endeavour, will return to the wreck where he was diving to search for him.

An RAF helicopter from Valley on the island will also scour the north coast of Anglesey in case the man made it ashore during the night.

The missing diver is believed to be from a sub-aqua club based in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

He was in a party of seven - including his brother - who were diving onto the wreck, the Cambank, around three miles from the coast.

A search - which was co-ordinated by Holyhead Coastguards and lasted for 6 hours - was finally called off Thursday night due to failing light.

Lets hope he is found safe.

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<font color='#000080'>News is not good.
Just got back from diving Cambank from Endeavor, 10 divers inc. some from Police UW-Search unit, Vis 6-7m and Daylight
but no sign of missing diver. L/boat & heli still conducting surface search but it looks very unlikely he will be found.
Another sad day in yhe world of Diving.
   Dive safe, always,

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richard hartley was the name of the diver, aged 43 diving with his brother graham. they both belonged to bradford bsac based in queensbury who meet at the fin inn details can be found at www.thisisbradford.co.uk . this is a particular sad day and condolences go to all is family
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