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Mod 1 and Advanced Nitrox, PSAI, with Dennis Vessey.

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Couple of points you should know to put this in perspective.

Prior to turning to the dark side I had done 130 dives, in the UK and abroad.
Padi Rescue (Bluewater diving school), TDI Nitrox (Mark Powell). No technical diving experience at all (unless a pony bottle counts )
Dived a Dolphin in Hurgarda in Jan this year and fell in love with the silence

OK so................................

The theory was fine, No problems at all. Dennis went through it all and I completed the exams. My Bouyancy was absoloutly useless on the first dive, Running APECS2 at a set point of .4 and keeping it at .7 manually then running at 1.0 at depth and keeping at 1.2 manually.

improved a bit for the secound dive. My biggest problem's were with the normal technical aspects of diving

Stage bottle, well I work in the Theatre industry and I,d never heard of a Stage bottle :teeth:

Serously, Stoney Cove, Its bloody freezing 6 Degrees in the water and its snowing topside I was struggling with the kit. But the only part of me that was cold was the area around my mouth, it was numb, doing reg changes was a right PITA, I was hitting the side of my mouth and strugling to get the bailout reg in my mouth, I really could,nt feel it , I know I,am a southern softy................
Anyway I now apprecaite what task loading is .

Den had his drill cards, and they kept coming thick and fast, Muscle memory...........Good grief I know what that is now. And thats the way it should be.

I really screwed up badly with DSMB, wizzey blob went up, line got tangled, made a right fool of myself..... Why did'nt I throw it away
Its a learning curve. a very steep one.

After 5 week break (I had work Commitments) We met again last weekend to finish off at Capenwray. By this time I have my Copis and Den gives me my hoses and DSV on the Saturday morning. By this point I am the proud owner of a Seven Litre Ali stage . I hate to think how many times I took that off and put it back on again (I know this is all easy to you techies but when you have no experiance its bloody hard work?) Coud,nt find the Dring on my waste, could,nt find the Dring on my chest!!. :embarassed:

Anyway Den gave me advice and encouragement all the way through. I can't fault his pateince with me or anything about his style of teaching. It is obviuos he does it because he loves doing it.

I feel now like I have a Provisonal Lisence..........
This has nothing to do with Den, Its the way I feel, I have to practise skills until I have them completely sorted. Next 20 hours in Leybournne lake, 6ms deep No doubt there will be peple there laughing at me with my RB. Stuff them, Its going to be a long road before I start jumping off boats .

There has been a lot of controversy over the cost of Meg training. I don't see a problem. And I am trying to be objective. I am very happy with what I have been taught.

I will continue my training with Dennis, No Question.

I have struggled as much with the normal aspects of learning technical diving as much as the RB itself. Its not easy to make the jump from Recreational diving to RB as I thought it might be. But I am glad I did it.

The silence is deafening:teeth:

A big thank you to. Andy Mumford at Stoney, Graham, Jeff, Jayne, Danny, Andy. (hope I have the names right) at Capenray for the help, advice and encouragment.

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i trained with Den last year and was very pleased with his training. i'd done the inspo thing first so i had done a similar course before, and can say how much better this one was.
i did a cross over course that was a bit cheaper but seemed to take just as long anyway so good value. i don't know why folks go on about the cost because all in mine was enough less than a vision for me to nearly buy a vr3 and the final bill was just over the price i had been quoted for a vision.

i hope you get on ok with it and if you fancy a dip pm me.

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