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A short fat well off crap cave diver. Likes wrecks
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<font color='#000F22'>OK Saturday was blown out so I have re booked the Moldavia on the 8th April (Tus) on Defiant out of Little Hampton.

Defiant is a Cat. Great boat with cabin to seat 10 microwave vidion etc. Masive kitting up area and a dodgy lift to get back on the boat.

4 divers booked so far need two more to make a go of it.

I am off to Red Sea on sunday 23rd March so if you contact me between then and the 30th I wont reply till the 31st April but the boat takes 12 so if you want on I dont see a problem.

Dive will be on a low slack which is 50 to the gravel and 45 average dive depth.

Email me [email protected]

Mark Chase
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