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With the strong Baht it’s time to give our divers a break!

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Tech announced today a drop in prices across the stream of courses available for the months of monsoon leading up to February of 2011.

The drop in price comes as a result of the low dollar, euro and pound against the Thai Baht which has grown significantly in the recent months.

In addition the strength of the Baht has reduced operating costs with the price of electric and gasoline dropping due to imported resources. We’re giving the savings back to our students.

To take advantage of the price changes in your own currency you have to transfer the funds to a local account. For example, to pay in euros you have to transfer the funds into a European bank account.

In addition to the discount we’re also implementing club and group ratings giving friends the chance to come and learn or dive together.

More details can be found on our bookings page: http://www.bigbluetech.net/technical-diving-bookings.php

As for equipment, all our DiveRite gear in our shop - Technical And Cave Diving Equipment in Thailand – BIG BLUE TECH is being cut by 15% for online sales between these dates!

For more information contact us at [email protected]

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