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First up are TWO apeks service kits for the TX range of 1st stages.
As you can see they are Nitrox Compatable.
The part number for these kits is APO228.

Posted 1st Class Recorded £25

Second, A Sea Marshal EPIRB with waterproof casing.
This has never been in the water, so can be considered brand new. The self test function works OK.

Posted 1st Class Recorded £45 SOLD TO STEVE HARRISS.

Third, DSMB with air bottle. Again, never been in water, so new.
The bouy measures 53" x 9.5" wide. Made by Aqua Tec. Ideal for r/breather divers wishing to 'recover' stuff.....

Posted 1st Class Recorded £45

Fourth, APEKS DIN to A-Clamp converter. Never used, ideal for travelling.

Posted 1st Class Recorded £13 SOLD TO CRAIG

Last but not Least, I/Stage Pressure Gauge. Ideal for toolbox or travelling.

Posted 1st Class Recorded £10 SOLD TO CRAIG

any piccies just ask, as mr enzo's allowance is all used up.... bad monkey, bad monkey.

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