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Hi, i'm moving up to swansea at the end of the month.

I'm looking for honest opinions/experiences with local clubs/boats/shops etc. Basically a starting point for diving the area.

Likewise, if there's any local divers/outfits who you really really wouldn't dive with yourself on safety grounds drop me a quiet message and explanation. I'm not asking for personal slander and i will always judge for myself, but we've all seen people who defy the laws of natural selection and are a fatality waiting to happen, it would be nice to be forewarned!

Im a Dive Leader in my mid 20s, diving OC on single cylinders (with a slung pony added for anything below 30m). I've not needed to increase the amount of back gas i carry so far but will probably start doing so in the near future. Ive done a couple of hundred dives in south devon and cornwall, so have no fear of cold murky water. For the last 2 years i've dived with a military club which have a huge emphasis on good dive practice, so am pretty switched on in that regard. Im not a nutter, have a sense of humour and am fairly laid back. If anyone has any dives going give me a yell!

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