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OK, now here's the problem.
I have about 6GB of music on my PC in varying bitrates (from 128 upto 700+), which I want to sync with my MP3 player (Thomson Scenium 8GB), but would prefer to set the whole lot to 128kbps, but if I set the device to sync at 128kbps, it converst it all to WMA, whereas I want it to stay as MP3, but in a lower bitrate. Is there anyway i can set WMP11 to only sync in MP3 format, but convert only the bitrate? I could copy the entire library and use some software to convert it all, but that would take forever, and that's bvefore i even get near to a sync!
Does anyone have any recomendations on how I can keep the high bitrate mp3 version, but do a sync to my device at a specific bitrate in mp3 format? Worse comes to worse, I could live with wma, but would prefer MP3.
Any help/guidance gratefully received.
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