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bubbles mean your having a leak?
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for our honeymoon we went to safari divers in lanzarote (with the rest of our dive club!!)

i could bore you all for hours by writing 5000 words covering each day in detail - but i wont (not quite anyway!)
it was the first non-uk diving holiday that we have been on and what a fantastic experience.
crystal clear waters, 1000's of fish and other marine animals including a very,very friendly grouper that must of been as big as me that patrols the cathedral cave at 35m - he likes to eat hard boiled eggs :teeth:
i swam with a small stingray, spent ages in total awe just watching an angel shark gently wafting by within 2 feet of me, played hide and seek with a large octopus on a night dive, played peek-a-boo with 3 big cuttlefish.
the moment when some of us went on a wreck dive and we were gathered round the shotline ready to decend then looked down and being able to see the deck of the first wreck laying 30m below us will stay with me for ever (that was also my deepest dive to date with a max depth of 41m)
not only that but mrs tigger pretty much finished her ocean diver course (i'm so proud of her - she's not found it easy but she has stuck with it and only got worried on the night dive in the bay). i also met up with a fantastic instructor called peter monk who took me through my advanced nitrox course (100% on the theory paper and he was very complimentary on my practical) - it looks like i'm going back in november to do my instructor course/exams with him.

stoney cove just wont feel the same again!

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good to here that you both had a good time with
safari divers, safari run, a well run dive centre.
enjoy all the dive's that you both make
safe diving
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