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The inshore forcast was none to good, before we set out to Mull, from previous experience I was encouraged in  the knowledge that on this coast you can "usually" find shelter a get a dive in in all but the worst of conditions.  

Ben arrived at my Gaf at 1pm. Having driven over straight from work ( thats keeness for you.) As Ben needed a Nitrox fill a diversion to Capernwray was planned. The bad news at Capernwray was that couldn't do the Nitrox fill immediately and wanted us to leave it and come back in an hour,we explained we were pushed for time and after a little negociation, they agreed to do it as quick as they could. We went for a coffee during which point one of the staff wandered in lamenting that Ben's pony was just out of o2 test, hence he could only fill it with air.

Cylinders filled we engaged "warp drive" north M6 We had a pretty horrendous drive weather wise with torrential rain our progress was interrupted by the Clyde tunnel being closed due to an accident not helped by the rush hour traffic. Getting clear of Glasgow & slogging through Glencoe we couldn't really believe the tail lights in front were going "up there" Yes they really was a road up that mountain.  On the descent down off Rannoch Moor contact was established with Gav & Fi the mobile, who were by this time already on the slipway sussing out the times of the ferry. By now it was 7.30 the last ferry at 7-45. Could we make it?  PeterK being the shrewd character that he is had ensured we would all get the ferry by forgetting to mention it ran to 930pm Fridays, it the bluff did have the desired affect we all got the ferry. During the 10min crossing we located Gavand Fi. Fi was already on the mobile ringing ahead to the local pub making sure we could eat when we got there( talk about organised).  Rolling off the ferry at Ardgour(30 miles to Lochaline) onto the single track roads had some simularity to a night stage of a rally I almost started shouting out navigation prompts. After several close encounters with sleeping sheep, Bens driving skills were again put to the test when out of the darkness loomed a huge Highland cow which to me as passenger looked pretty intent on opening up the side of the passenger door with its horns, ever done a bullfight with a Ford Focus?, steak was nearly on the menu. Nice driving Ben. We dropped down into Lochaline and headed for the Lochaline Hotel meeting up with Gav and Fi. After being fed and watered a Scotsman wandered in "Any of you Yorkshire Divers"? it was Pete. By this time the rest of the group were already in the Social Club making aquantaince and confirming plans for the morning.  

Saturday morning, we were all up pretty early,and down to catch the boat on the quayside in the village. Have to say I was well impressed with the boat the "Peregrine" plenty of deck space, warm wheel house and a bit of music.
We agreed to do the "Shuna" at 32m a collier not to far away. My buddy for the dive being "Budgie". The wreck was bouyed so straight down the shot line, we both had a good exploration, a slight current was running and the vis was fair.  Getting a little chilled we decided time to head for the surface and to send a dsmb up,only to discover the reel was missing from Budgies bcd pocket,the velcro pocket having come undone.
We ascended and did a precautionary safety stop. Have to say I was impressed with the ladder on the boat, it was deep enough to clamber on easily and the rungs were close enough apart to allow a short arse like myself to easily get aboard. Whilst enjoying a much needed brew we discovered that some of the other buddy pairs had found the smb reel, smiles all round.

That's my five cents worth for the moment anyone want to do episode 2?
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