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Hi folks!
Since heart surgery last year I’ve decided that the really cold and dark diving will be off the table. The fact I have unused items still sitting in a gear box is also telling me that I should have a small clear out! So please find below a range of items that I’m going to be selling on. Prices are shown with postage charges where applicable. Descriptions and images are below, the top table will be updated as and when items go.

Any questions at all let me know!

1. Seaskin Nova Drysuit - SOLD
2. Whites DiveDry thermal undersuit set - SOLD
3. Faber 12ltr Steel Cylinder - £115 - PICKUP ONLY
4. Oceanic Rock Boots – Size UK10 - SOLD
5. Oceanic Gear Gulper - £17 - PICKUP ONLY
6. Tusa Imprex dive knife with sheath and straps - £20 + £FREE shipping
7. Oceanic Mini Shadow dive mask - SOLD
8. Buddy 4.5ft SMB - SOLD
9. 1kg. Ankle weights - £7 + £3 shipping
10. 290ft. Reel - SOLD
11. 30m. Finger Spool - SOLD
12. DIN to Yoke adapter - SOLD
13. Beaver writing slate w/ pencil - SOLD
14. Tank Clanger - SOLD

Images are here: http://s490.photobucket.com/user/Rottweiler2402/library/

3. Faber 12ltr Steel Cylinder
Used on approximately TWO dives. Comes with valve cap, boot and ScubaPro Tank Handle. Tested last year (April 2013) and has been stored inside with a fill of air. Mint condition. PICK UP ONLY.

5. Oceanic Gear Gulper
Only used as storage inside my house, perfect condition. PICK UP ONLY.

6. Tusa Imprex dive knife with sheath and straps plus Silicone spray
Used on one dive, and then lubricated with silicone spray. Spotless and the silicone will be thrown in.

9. 1kg. Ankle weights
No specific wear on the cordura or clips. Material is red/black. 2kgs total.

Thanks all,
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