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Ok here we go,
Best wreck-Only one for this prize, although the Thesis is a close 2nd, The Hispania. She sits in the Sound of Mull with a max depth of 25-30mtrs, so you have plenty time to go-a-poking. Sits upright with a list to S/board that is getting worse. The reason I have a fasination with her started on my 1st dive which ended in a visit to the Dunstaffnage Hilton(The pot). Ever since then this wreck holds a grip on me. Almost beating the devil that got me. The wreck itself has 4 biggish holds that can be linked via a companionway at the S/board side. The one on the port side is blocked, though you can get into the engine room from this one. The whole superstructure is still intact so lots of wee holes to discover.  Besides this she is jumping with life. The whole structure is covered with anenomes from top to bottom, so much infact, she is almost orange and white. Every time you poke your head around a corner it is guaranteed that a big wrasse will be looking at you. Shoals of Pollock, Mackrel and all sorts of weird shit too. I have now dived her more times than I can be bothered counting, but she always surprises me with something new, be it odd life or a new wee swim through. One day I will sort out the perfect dive plan on her    
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