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this is how i have my video cam set up now.
i have a Birchley housing with a Panasonic NV-DS5 inside.
i often use a fisheye lens (not in this pic) & colour filters.

the rear & side views show the operational buttons on the housing.
i generally don't use the zoom or snap shot buttons, i swim closer or take stills from the film.
i use the power on/off & pause buttons mostly.

i use 2 Greenforce HID 50 watt equivelent lights with diffuser lenses, an F11 battery pack & a double umbilical cable.
all this is mounted onto a 'home made' stainless steel video wing.

one light has a swivel joint (helmet mount), so can be directed on to a subject.
the other is 2 jubilee clips, but works well enough for now until i get another.
the battery pack is bolted through an existing hole in the battery handle.
i generally have the cables tied a little neater when diving.

I use Rob at Lumb Bro for most of my Greenforce equipment, faultless service every time.
i was fortunate enough to buy the double umbilical recently from a felllow YD'r, cheers Dave :)

my vids so far..... YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
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