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"Three sheds"
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I was due to marshall a club trip out of Weymouth this weekend (35m max), but thought I'd preceed it with a cheeky Salsette dive. I've tried to dive the Salsette a few times before but never made it, so hatched a cunning plan with Woz and Smudge. We would dive the Salsette, then I would spend the evening in the pub waiting for the rest of my club's divers (including Missus Janos) to arrive.

Cunning no? But it was not to be,

Ok. Last time I went to Weymouth it took me 2.15 hours. So you'd think that four hours would be enough wouldn't you. So leaving at 0900 to dive the Salsette at 1330 is sensible enough. Eh?

Well it wasn't.

So I now hereby invent Janos' second law of diving: All good dive trips involve setting off at stupid-o'clock if you don't live by the sea.

I won't tell you any more about my driving woes, as it raises my blood pressure too much. But somewhere on the A31 (ahem, after pulling into a laybe y'honour) I phoned Mike Marsh (Resting Rifleman on these boards) and established that there was a couple of spaces leaving Swanage on the Kyarra at 1430 (an hour later, and closer) so I called Mark (who had the same traffic problems) and Woz (who was on the boat already) and that's what we did.

I love diving the Kyarra, it's always chaining and the bow section is opening up right now. I had some really good rummages, and a pciture paints a thousand words so Mark's photos will be far better than anything I can write here so look at his report.

Although I spotted 12 lobsters, I also managed to hole my drysuit, so instead of a 30 min drive to Weymouth, I had to spend 3 hours driving back to Surrey, 2 minutes picking up my other suit, then another three hours driving back to Weymouth.

Saturday and Sunday were fab. Weather was great and we dived the Elena R (fairly broken up but loads of life) and the Pomeranian (superb). Although annoyingly I did manage to rip the neckseal on my new suit. Bugger. So that's just gone back to be fixed.

Oh, and I did learn the French for SMB, which is: Le saucisson de securite. Well if not it should be.

So at the end of the weekend I've had five great dives, and a lot of aggro driving and two holed suits. But give me the dives anytime.


All hail the mighty ZOM
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Mmmmmmmm :)

4 hours driving there, 4 hours driving back, luvverly long dive at a surprisingly deep 47m according to the pooter today. Not that I remember that bit. Well I do. Had to point out the massive wreck to the other 2 with me who had completely missed it despite it being like a block of flats 2 meters away.
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