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Well - I finally ended up in Largs of all places on Friday night with a view to diving the Clyde! 12 of us arrived in the end (5 DM candidates and 3 advanced OW students to pass in 2 days with only one instructor managing to make it up - long story but there were good reasons for this).

Not dived the Clyde before so it was a good chance to learn somewhere new as well as complete my course. The weather on the way up on Friday was superb - flat calm seas, sunshine and blue skies all the way. Saturday morning, however,was a different story! Grey skies with a forecast of force 5-6 heavy winds from the South West (blowing straight up the esturary). We loaded the RIB and took 2 trips across to Cumbrae island (to the slips where the ferry docks) to shore dive on the Catalina. Did my DM briefing, guided dive and debrief first off, combined with my Rescue scenario with the view that I was now a DM and could help out on the other courses. Didn't work out too well as the winds started to really pick up and, after another shore dive, the conditions were becoming really bad. We called the remaining dives and loaded the RIB up and returned to Largs (just made it over too before the gale hit!)

Had a few beers last night and a superb curry before retiring to bed around midnight. The conditions this morning were such that we called the dive immediately and headed home!

Result? Well, on the pessimistic side, I managed two short dives. Optimistic - I'm now signed off as a DM. Shame about the weather, especially as it has been so nice elsehwhere in the country, but thats UK diving for you.

Was impressed with diving in the Clyde and will definitely be making a return journey there (time and money permitting - a 4-5 hour journey each way is a little tiring!!)

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