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Hi, I say on teletext an article about possible good news for Alzheimer's sufferers. I found the article in question (I think) but it is only available by subscription. I don't mind paying if I can be sure it is the correct article + I doubt the research will help humans for a while yet??????

Anyway, with the diverse membership of YD I thought I'd ask if anyone could email me the PDF file.

2.Behavioural neuroscience: Down memory lane J. David Sweatt
SUMMARY: In mice, two treatments — environmental enrichment and a chemical that regulates gene expression — boost new memory formation and restore the recall of old
CONTEXT: ...neurodegeneration. The results implicate HDAC inhibitors as potential treatments for disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, fronto-temporal dementia and other human cognitive disorders that arise from...
Nature (29 Apr 2007) News and Views
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